Applied and Visual Arts

Boston Maki

Boston Maki is a New Bedford-based street artist known for affixing murals throughout the city and his tag “Big Brother” that resembles actor Tom Selleck with its mustache and aviator sunglasses.

Bradford Johansen

Bradford Johansen is an illustrator, product designer, graphic artist, character designer and graphic designer whose clients include DC Comics.

Anthi Frangiadis

Anthi Frangiadis is an architect and shop owner of The Drawing Room at 36 North Water Street, which features original, handcrafted work by New England artisans, with a focus on quality craftsmanship whether you are looking for artful gifts or a statement piece to hang on your wall.

Andy Anello

Andy Anello is a performance artist based in New Bedford, who is known for “Lunar Teeth,” a quarterly performance art forum he hosts on the solstices and equinoxes.

Alissar Langworthy

Alissar Langworthy is an oil painter specializing in large-scale canvases. Her practice spans 30 years, and more recently, her abstract paintings have been partially influenced by experiences from life at sea as a maritime captain of a research vessel.

Adrian R Tio

Adrian R Tio has exhibited nationally as well as regionally in drawing, painting, and printmaking for over 40 years, and has conducted workshops on mural painting, papermaking, and the book arts.

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