Applied and Visual Arts

Erik Durant

Erik Durant is a figurative sculptor residing in New Bedford. Durant’s personal work is a quest to understand the human condition. As a sculptor his main interests lie in gesture, movement, and pose.

David Stephan Graves

David Stephan Graves is a designer, photographer, maker and art educator from Southeastern Massachusetts. His work explores materiality and social issues in tandem, including topics of waste, temporality, identity and mental health with both traditional and experimental making processes and mediums.

Kat Knutsen

Kat Knutsen‘s work is a cross pollination between drawing, painting, animation, computer graphics, fiber arts, and sound design. As a multimedia artist, her work fluctuates between different platforms ranging from fashion design to the animated film depending on the concept. Knutsen was one of the 148 selected artists worldwide to work on the 2018 Oscar …

Zachary M. White

Zachary M. White is a New Bedford based printmaker and photographer who is heavily influenced by New Bedford and its history as well as cartography. His works have been included in various exhibitions throughout Massachusetts; he is a member of Gallery X in New Bedford, and the Monotype Guild of New England.

Weinport Creative LLC

Weinport Creative LLC is a brand-centric, independently owned creative services company based out of New Bedford, MA. Through strategic thinking, research, and creative direction, they design intelligent and beautiful visual messaging that brings brands to life.

Violet Foulk

Violet Foulk is a photographer from the Southcoast, initially pursuing live music photography in Brooklyn before returning to New Bedford and opening a studio.

Tracy Silva Barbosa of Duende Glass

Tracy Silva Barbosa of Duende Glass is an artist of Azorean heritage who has worked with the world-renowned architectural glass artist, John Lewis, assisting with the glass marvels of the Oklahoma City Memorial and One World Trade, New York. Her artistic process uses painstaking layers of transparent color mixed with various images such as post-industrial …

The Landing | Laurie Botelho

The Landing | Laurie Botelho owned by Laurie Botelho and run by Manager Carlos Chamarro, is a little shop filled with local artisan wares in the heart of New Bedford’s Seaport Cultural District. They are located across the street from the #1 Fishing Port of America and Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket Ferries.

Tabitha Harkin

Tabitha Harkin is a fine artist inspired by life in diverse places, traveling, nature, color, gardens, and the work of Marsden Hartley, Wolf Kahn, Paul Klee and Edward Gorey, among others. She also does graphic design, landscape  and architectural work.

Susan Gilmore | ART

Susan Gilmore | ART is an art director, graphic designer, illustrator, and photographer primarily with Moore & Isherwood Communications, Inc. in New Bedford and Nantucket. She also specializes in landscape painting, 2-D assemblages,  3-D assemblages, and wire sculpture.

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