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Adrian R Tio

Adrian R Tio has exhibited nationally as well as regionally in drawing, painting, and printmaking for over 40 years, and has conducted workshops on mural painting, papermaking, and the book arts.

Alissar Langworthy

Alissar Langworthy is an oil painter specializing in large-scale canvases. Her practice spans 30 years, and more recently, her abstract paintings have been partially influenced by experiences from life at sea as a maritime captain of a research vessel.

Andy Anello

Andy Anello is a performance artist based in New Bedford, who is known for “Lunar Teeth,” a quarterly performance art forum he hosts on the solstices and equinoxes.

Anthi Frangiadis

Anthi Frangiadis is an architect and shop owner of The Drawing Room at 36 North Water Street, which features original, handcrafted work by New England artisans, with a focus on quality craftsmanship whether you are looking for artful gifts or a statement piece to hang on your wall.

Bradford Johansen

Bradford Johansen is an illustrator, product designer, graphic artist, character designer and graphic designer whose clients include DC Comics.

Boston Maki

Boston Maki is a New Bedford-based street artist known for affixing murals throughout the city and his tag “Big Brother” that resembles actor Tom Selleck with its mustache and aviator sunglasses.

Chuck Hauck

Chuck Hauck is a sculptor, humorist, inventor, preservationist, humanitarian and co-founder of the artist collective Gallery X (photo courtesy of Peter Pereira/The Standard-Times).

Colton Simmons

Colton Simmons is a wedding photographer from Southeast New England.

Cynthia Bliss Ray

Cynthia Bliss Ray is an Interior Designer based in New Bedford implementing design solutions with an emphasis on color theory.

David Richardson

David Richardson is a furniture artist who specializes in antique restoration, handmade reproduction, and contemporary furniture in southeastern Massachusetts.

Deb Ehrens

Deb Ehrens uses her camera to create contemplative and painterly imagery. Her photography captures the ephemeral and artful moments hidden in the everyday and is a view into the unexpected rhythms and patterns in the natural world.

Denn Santoro Fine Art Photography

Denn Santoro Fine Art Photography’s photos concentrate on the interplay of angles and shapes and light. He composes with a point of view that is intended to confound the viewers’ normal perspective and view of the world.

Design Art Technology Massachusetts Institute (DATMA)

Design Art Technology Massachusetts Institute (DATMA) presents contemporary art with the convergence of design, art and technology through exhibitions, performances and education for all ages and cultural backgrounds in the SouthCoast region and beyond.

Dyer Maker Studio

Environmental Alchemist, Rhonda M. Fazio is the founder of Dyer Maker Studio specializing in natural color and sustainable textile design. A transportable maker space based in the South Coast, offering educational workshops -“Dyeing to Wear It” and “Teaching through Textiles” – for secondary schools and adults, taught regionally and abroad.

Elin Noble

Elin Noble is a master artisan of myriad fabric art materials and processes, including complex quilting, shibori resist dyeing, and the technique known as kyokechi. She is also an award-winning author of Dyes & Paints: A Hands-On Guide to Coloring Fabric.

Elizabeth Gouveia

Elizabeth Gouveia is involved with the Encompass Community for Independent Learning located at Friends Academy. They provide experiential offerings and free or affordable resources to support homeschool families and life-long learners of all ages.

Hatch Street Studios

Hatch Street Studios is New Bedford’s largest community of visual and performing artists in the city’s North End. Working in a variety of mediums, Hatch Street artists create a vast array of traditional and contemporary works.

Helen Granger

Helen Granger specializes in illustration, web design and development, animation and fine art.

Jamie Uretsky

Jamie Uretsky is the curator of New Bedford Art Museum/ArtWorks!, which presents a rotating schedule of exhibitions, studio classes, and experiences as a cultural institution.

Jennifer Halli

Jennifer Halli is a contemporary artist who works with ceramics and printmaking, creating structures that explore place and material while excavating themes of travel and loss. She lives and works in Wellington, New Zealand and New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Jessica Bregoli

Jessica Bregoli is a sculpture artist, event planner, curator and landscaper. Her intent is to bring into focus both the beauty of nature and the results of our careless actions upon it. In her sculptures she wants to help change the way we treat this earth and each other by focusing on art and nature …

Joe Quigley

Joe Quigley​ is a political cartoonist and Labor and Gay rights activist, covering local, state, and national topics. He has taught in New York, Boston, Los Angeles, and Oklahoma City.

John Middleton

John Middleton collects objects along the shoreline and brings them together in works that call attention to the dignity, beauty, and uniqueness of their transformations while offering them the opportunity to tell their stories.

John Magnan Studio

John Magnan Studio’s passion is to make things by hand. Sometimes the work is inspired by his observations of the world around him or helping someone else realize their personal vision through art.

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